National POW*MIA Recognition Day 2012: Remembering SGT Bowe Bergdahl and the POW/MIAs of America

America currently has only one Prisoner of War from the War on Terror who has yet to be rescued. He is Sergeant Bowe Robert Bergdahl – US Army who was captured in Afghanistan on 30 June 2009.

We who seek to Bring Bowe Home understand that the idea of a Prisoner of War is not just a concept- a Prisoner of War is a real person with hopes, dreams and a desire to live. A Prisoner of War has a family who loves him or her and longs for their loved one to return home. We know these things and it fuels our effort to speak out for Bowe. We will not stop our work until Bowe comes home.

Today is National POW*MIA Recognition Day. Please set aside special time today to remember Bowe and his family in your prayers. Please use your voice today to speak out for Bowe. He needs you to tell the world his story since he cannot. May God Bless Bowe and May God Bless his family.

Please follow HERE to join us to remember Bowe and to show your support for him and his family.

Our thoughts and prayers are also with all of the brave of our nation whose service to America has placed them on the roll of those who are now counted as a Prisoner of War or as Missing in Action. Further, we hold close in our hearts their families whose lives have been changed forever. Our deepest prayers for these families is that they will someday receive the answer that they are waiting for. May all families be healed of the wounds that they have suffered. May every Prisoner of War who has returned home alive overcome the terror of their ordeal and would find peace and healing. We pray that every living Prisoner of War would be rescued and all who are Missing in Action would be accounted for.   May all who have sacrificed know that they are never forgotten and that America will be forever grateful. May God Bless them all and God Bless America.