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If you’d like leave your positive, uplifting messages of support for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl and his family, we invite you to do so in the comments section below.

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  1. We learned about you from a post at one of our favorite restaurants in Rainbow, California. Bikers left a post and bracelets showing BikersforBowe.org website. We will wear these until you return. We will pray regularly for you. Les and Lynn Cotton.

  2. It’s Bowe Tuesday and my heart breaks for his parents who stand and wait. My mother’s heart prays for his return. I’m a believer and I’m praying and I won’t stop. Add my name to the list of those who are silently behind you daily. Oh please God, bring Bowe home. Carmen Leeson

  3. Hope Santistevan says:


    I ran across your story while reading news at work. Since that day, I have looked for news weekly. My family prays for your safe return. You have touched our hearts so deeply and we can’t wait to hear that you’ve come home. You have made America so proud. Stay strong. Our prayers are with the family as well. We will be thinking of you and your family this Sunday at church. Stay strong.

  4. Avalon says:

    Prayin for Sgt. Bowe and his family. Maybe start a petition on Change.org?

  5. elizabethboe says:

    Dear Bowe,
    I have followed your story with faith and admiration for some time . Your unflagging courage and strength is an inspiration to each of us. I am the mother of four, with one transitioning soldier and active duty Airman, and am an Army Brat myself. Therefore I feel compelled to reach out and say that you are remembered in our prayers, and will not be forgotten. Bless you, and with hope the day will soon come when we see your smile on friendly terrain. Sincerely yours, Elizabeth B.A.Luster

  6. Tiffany Stewart says:

    Being a sister of two American Soldiers I cannot even begin to image the pain of having their son gone for almost 5 years now! I am frustrated with our goverment who has left him there for so long. More efforts need to be made to return our only living POW home to his family! I am only one small part of a big picture but I know that if all of our small voices come together as one people will listen and we can bring him home!!!

    I hope he is safely returned to us soon!!! He is in my thoughts and prayers and I will do everything in my power to get the word out and to push America to go get him!!!!!!!! God Bless

  7. I would really like to get a bike run this spring to earn money for helping the family to get Bowe home by Christmas 2014…

  8. Katie m says:

    I can not even begin to express my gratitude for Sergeant Bergdahl and his family. The sacrifice that has been made for my freedom is beyond words. I am amazed by his strength. I will keep him and his family in my prayers and do my best to keep those around me aware of his story. Thank you

  9. Audrey says:

    i wrote this for Bowe and his family i hope they recieve it eventually.

  10. Audrey says:

    Allways have faith
    Allways have hope
    with friendship and love
    forge a strong rope
    look to the future
    be strong and with pride
    realise your not alone
    were all by your side
    we all feel your loss
    we all feel your pain
    for we are united
    from California to Main
    be firm and stay strong
    hope and stand tall
    when you need us the most
    well answer the call
    if one life meant nothing
    to America the bold
    the war wound be over
    before it was told
    but instead we cherish
    each soldier every one
    when all have returned
    THEN the war will be done.

  11. Isahm Diab says:

    Alsalamu Alaikum. I saw Bob Bergdahl on CNN today. I wont claim to know all the details surrounding Bowes capture but hearing Bob’s plea in Arabic and as a Muslim I was inspired and compelled to show my support for the Bergdahl family, their community, Bowe, and all things good in the world. I hope Bowe makes it home unscathed soon and Bob’s message of peace resonates throughout Pakistan and way beyond. I know it is not easy to live in a world of different ideologies but if we as humanity don’t use our God-given minds to perpetuate understanding, good, eliminate evil and dangerous thoughts of ethnocentricity then we will forever be stuck in an endless loop of conflict for us and future generations… and for what? Just as we have the power to create turmoil, we have the same power to advance into fruitfulness and prosperity for all on this earth. I pray for a positive outcome for my fellow Americans, humans, brothers and sisters, the Bergdahls.

    God bless.

  12. Deborah Reeder says:

    Bring this man home. He has been gone to long. God bless you Bowe. We have not forgot you we are praying every day for your release.

  13. Lyn Ward says:

    I heard on CNN this morning that negotiations may be taking place to get Bowe home before the Army pulls out of Afghanistan. I know that a lot of people are carrying Bowe and his family in their hearts. Surely God will hear us and get Bowe home soon.

  14. Jamie Zimmer says:

    I don’t know if this helps or no, but I made this video tonight.

  15. We here at the American Legion ( WI) post 44 (Scott Schumell )
    I have urged my group and state legion to start to put pressure on congress to assist Bowes family in working toward the release of Bowe Bergdahl.
    We during our meetings recognize POWs and Mia soldiers. I told them let’s walk the walk!
    God be with you and your family during these stressful years.

  16. Mayra Rodriguez says:

    In the time between your safe return back to your family and country, I will pray for you Bowe but I will pray for your captures as well, I believe the Bible says what reward is it to pray for those who you already love, but the true challenge is to pray for those who do you harm (enemies). God bless you Bowe, and God bless your family.

  17. Katie A says:

    Don’t give up. There are a lot of us that are thinking and praying of you and your son. June 30th is actually also my birthday, and I always remember Sgt Bergdahl. God bless. http://www.examiner.com/article/prisoners-of-war-the-malinois-and-the-man

  18. One lady in my Sunday school class told us about Bowe and asked us to pray. We are praying. The word is spreading. We support Bowe and his family here in Cleveland Texas.

  19. Jim Wixson says:

    I am a resident of Idaho Falls, ID not far from Sgt. Bowe’s home. The news accounts of his capture and incarceration have really touched me personally. I pray for his protection and speedy release. I pray that our government will do all it can to secure his release and that he won’t be forgotten. God bless Bowe for his service to our country and bless and sustain him in his time of need. Also, bless his family and return him to them soon.

  20. Gosh, it’s a new year and i hope and pray for your soon return. It has been too too long. When I heard your name mentioned on the morning radio news about a new photo of you, I was elated! Then on the DrudgeReport.com I saw your photo. I am so happy to see that but I can just imagine how wonderful your mom and dad must feel when they saw the photo. It is a good sign and Gods got to bring you home, safe. My marine son had a birthday yesterday (23) while at Okinawa. He was in Afghanistan for his first tour (bomb sweep). I like to make him laugh as he is quite the clown himself so I’m gonna send you the 2 links I sent my son. I wish you well.

  21. AWilson says:

    Although I had heard of Bowe’s story previously, I must admit, I forgot. I find I am struggling with this since I grew up in a military family. When I came across the story again today I immediately went to the supportbowe.org site and then signed the petition on the White House website. Through Bowe’s site I read the “Bowe Tuesday” page and decided I would do as requested…Sgt. Bergdahl is now my cover photo. May the end result be that Bowe comes home to the family and friends that adore him; that he knows he has not been forgotten; and that he knows he has touched the lives of so many.

    Forever yours!

  22. Linda says:

    Bowe, I am praying for you and your family daily; my heart goes out to you and to them and I am asking God to protect you and strengthen you and to encourage your family during this trying time. Thank you for your service, you are not forgotten.

  23. Julia Vogt says:

    On this day 1/18/14, I will start a novena prayer for the next 9 days to Blessed Margaret of Castello for your precious son. I have faith enough for a multitude I am positive this great little saint will send your son comfort, she had a special place in her heart for prisoners. Hang in there mom and dad Bowe’s guardian angel is a strong solider of God.

  24. Meri Vita says:

    I have been praying for Bowe and your family since 2009. I will not stop until he is home again in the loving arms of his family. Please know, Bowe is not forgotten and people care about your family.

  25. Kjersta says:

    Preparing for a Chili Cook Off for Operation Home Front on Jan 25, This year our family Chili will be “BRING BOWE HOME” chili. Currently printing brochures and posters! My dad and i will be sporting our Bowe T-shirts for the event! I pray every day for his safe return.

  26. Joann says:

    Dear Lord please bless all our soldiers especially Sgt Bergdahl. Please grant him courage to conquer his fears, strength in spirit, and undying hope to be reunited with his loved ones. Keep him safe I pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

  27. ckatt1031 says:

    Today is Bowe Friday, a day in which the followers on Facebook bring awareness to His captivity in a prison in Afghanistan. We also have Bowe Tuesday where the number of weeks he has been held is posted. There’s a video on YouTube from Bowe’s Father, who describes His memories of Bowe, but also recognizes the Families and Friends who have waited decades for word on their loved ones. Be it obtaining the remains of a Vietnam Aviator to His Daughter, to those families wanting information regarding their loved ones status, POW, MIA, or KIA. Every family deserves to know, and have a place to memorialize their loved one. Thank God that Bowe is alive and appearing well. It’s essential that we get him home quickly, as it appeared that he wasn’t speaking for himself. He is always in my thoughts and prayers, along with our Warriors here and deployed abroad. God Bless each and every Warrior that has sacrificed their lives to protect ours. May God bless them, and watch over them, keeping them safe from harm. Provide protection and a way to light their way home. Bringing them safely into the arms of their Family and Friends who love them so. Honor and Respect to all who have served. I salute each and every one of you. God Bless ☆

  28. Nora says:

    Dear Bowe and family. I write to you from Denmark as a fellow soldier, but more so as a fellow human. First of all I am so happy to hear that he is still alive… We hear about his story in our conduct after capture classes. I hope, and pray to any god willing to listen, for his return. My warmest thoughts go to you, his family. Know that there are people all over the world that are thinking about you and your son. Do you know the old cherokee legend about the two wolfs fighting inside? One is anger, false pride, greed, ego and so on. The other is hope, kindness compassion and faith and so on. The cherokee’s grandson ask him which wolf wins, and he says “the one you feed”. So here is food for the second wolf. I ask the universe that no false pride, greed or ego will stand in the way of Bowe coming home. I ask the universe that kindness, compassion and faith will be victorious and and make sure Bowe comes home.

  29. This just broke my heart but there Is hope for this solider and he will return home to his family!
    My prayers go out to Bowe and his family. Stay strong.

  30. Bob & Ann Jones says:

    To Bowe and his family, we pray for your release/escape whatever is God’s will every day and have been for the past 1 1/2 years. God bless

  31. Denisia Boyd says:

    Dear Congressman Broun, M.D.

    Thank you for taking the time to read emails from your voters in your district. As a Homeland Security Committee member I am hoping you will take immediate action to my request.

    As you are most likely aware the press has released recent video footage of Sergeant Bowe R. Bergdahl, United States Army, who has been held captive since 2009, over 4 and 1/2 years. We need to act now and bring this man home. I am writing you as if he was my own brother and hope that you read this considering that Bowe could be one of your loved ones. One of your two daughter, your grandchildren or your only son who needs the help and support from his country. Think about the men you met in Iraq during the Gideon ministry, it wasn’t long after that when Sgt. Bowe was taken captive.

    Please show the unwavering commitment to the men and women who serve our country that was shown to your in your years U. S. Marine Corps Reserves and the U. S. Navy that brought you home safe. Please act as quickly as you would if it was your only son. The soldier’s creed states “I will never leave a fallen comrade” and I feel as if he has been left behind. I feel if he could make it out on his own, he would. He is strong and has made it this far. He now, more than ever, needs the power of the United States to stand behind him as he has trusted us to do, and bring him home. While action is being taken, please pray as I know you are a Godly man, we cannot allow this to become another Benghazi. We need to act without delay, we need to act now.

    Denisia Boyd

  32. Denisia Boyd says:

    Dear Senator Chambliss,

    Thank you for taking the time to read emails from your voters. As you are most likely aware the press has released recent video footage of Sergeant Bowe R. Bergdahl, United States Army, who has been held captive since 2009, over 4 and 1/2 years have past and we need to take action. We need to act now and bring this man home. I am writing you as if he was my own brother and hope that you are reading this as if he was your brother, your son, or one of your 6 grand children.
    It is from my understanding that your leadership and experience on homeland security and intelligence matters during your tenure in the House of Representatives earned you an appointment to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, where you steadfastly advocates for dramatically improved information sharing and human-intelligence-gathering capabilities. Also, your previous role as chairman of the House Intelligence Subcommittee on Terrorism and Homeland Security made you one of the leading congressional experts on those issues. I feel you would be the first to speak out for this man and the wishes of your voters. Please, do so quickly as minutes are precious. There is no better time than now.

    Denisia Boyd

  33. May God bless you and your family. May you come home safe and soon. Today is the first day I heard about him so I’m going to post it and tell others. Hugs and prayers DeEtta Arnett

  34. Julie in Mass says:

    This is the very first day that I have even heard of Bowe’s situation and I am saddened as an American that I have heard more about Brittany Spears over these past four plus years. Please know that now that I know – everyone I know will know and pray for the immediate rescue of Bowe. I have already contacted every member of Congress and the Senate in my District and will encourage everyone to do the same. Its what we CAN do. Thank you, sincerely and from the bottom of my heart to Bowe for his incredible bravery and service to my country – the United States of America. He will not be forgotten. Prayers and love to him and his family.

  35. Josie W. says:

    A friend on Facebook posted about Bowe. I have since watched some videos and read your site here. I can only imagine your agony at being seperated from Bowe. We need to get that young man home. Please know you are being prayed for.

    • Deborah Triassi says:

      I am also praying daily for you Bowe. Cannot get you out of my mind since hearing about the “Proof of Life” video. My prayer is that the Lord comfort you and keep you safe and I am believing with you and your family that your return will come quickly!

  36. Olmsteads in Oly says:

    Awesome news today! Have no fear Bowe, we never doubted you were anything but alive, but today we got confirmation. Stay strong!! God bless Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, our family prays for your immediate release every day. Every chance we get we tell anyone who will listen the story of the only U.S. POW taken in Afghanistan. I wear my bracelet, write our memebers of Congress. We care, we think of you, we have not forgotten you Bowe. Stay strong, stay tough. The mountains are waiting for you and your safe return. Fair winds.

  37. David A. says:

    Praying for Sgt Bergdahl and his family. We need Bowe to come home now.

  38. Gina Podsednik says:

    By the GRACE of GOD you are not forgotten Bowe! Your life is precious, your hard work and sacrifice for the greatest Nation on earth is worth it all, appreciated as the true-blue AMERICAN PATRIOT your are! Do not fear or be discouraged…I pray a MIGHTY GOD greater than ANY force who thinks they have control of you, is but dust under your feet! I pray you continue in strength and courage, and may you be filled with the “peace” that passes all understanding…until your feet are set once again on the soil of the USA~! Thank you, and GOD BLESS you with a full and fruitful life…spouse of a retired USAF Veteran.

  39. Maureen Hunt says:

    We are a military family- our son is in the Army. Army Strong ! God Bless Bowe and his family. I implore our government to do all they can to bring him home to his family. America needs him home – he is our finest.

  40. Tavia says:

    Hoping for the safe return of this young man that has been in all of our hearts these past couple years.. hoping that the news of the new video today is a sign of hope. God be with you & prays your way. All I can do is pray.

  41. Mike Bauer says:

    I got out of the Army in 2009 and have been waiting for the day you get to come home too. I wish there was something we could do to get you home. I want to let you know that there was a billboard up in Utica, MI for a few months that had a reminder to folks you still weren’t home. You are not forgotten. Keep strong SGT.

  42. Laurence says:

    Best wishes for your immediate and safe return Sgt. Bergdahl!
    Laurence in Canada

  43. I won’t wish you a Merry Christmas because…but I want to wish you a God given miracle of FREEDOM. What a wonderful GIFT that would be to your mother that was given a gift of you. Be well and I care for you as I do my 3 sons. (2 are marines). Karen

  44. Jack from San Diego says:

    I have been wearing the yellow rubber bracelet since our church handed them out in the summier of 2009 or so. It reminds me to pray for Bowe and to love my children as much as I can every day because you don’t know when they won’t be there. I made a vow to take it off only when he comes home. A few weeks ago, I was working on my car taking medical gloves on and off (keep my hands clean) and I went in and noticed the band was missing. I thought it got sucked into one of the gloves so I checked the trash and couldn’t find it. I was a bit bummed because I felt like I let down the cause.(wow I can’t even hang onto a simple rubber band). I just recently while cleaning my garage I found it ( thank you Lord). I realized I hadn’t prayed for Bowe since I lost it. God gives us reminders and second chances. This is in a very very small way a reminder to me to watch the little things so that He can work on the bigger things. A message to the family there is still people out here thinking about and praying for Bowe’s safe return.

    • ckatt1031 says:

      Contact Buster Hickam on Facebook. He sells them, and encourages people to share their bracelet with others, and telling Bowe’s story. I have given away 23 so far, and replace each one, once it has been given. I hope that this helps you.

  45. Cortnee says:

    Sgt. Bowe and Family, God places you all on my heart on a constant basis and my prayers go out for you all each time. I pray that He holds you in His safe and comforting arms throughout this difficult time. I know it is redundant to read all these comments about people praying but I truly believe in the power of prayer and when multiple prayers are sent it really is a powerful thing. I have known about Bowes story for about a year now and it breaks my heart that our great American Hero has still not been returned. I pray God gives wisdom to our leaders to bring Bowe home for it is long over-due. May God bless you Bergdahl family and continue to give you strength.

  46. Valerie says:

    I am praying for this young man’s return. Sgt Bowe Bergdahl.. I am believing that you will come home to your family. My son joined the Army about the time you were captured. He has been out for about a year now and still you are not home. I have thought of you often…prayed for your safety and strength and for your family, too. I can’t imagine what it has been like for you all. Please….Bring Bowe home. He needs the full attention of our military to FIND him and get him & bring him home. Please have mercy on Sgt Bowe Bergdahl.

  47. Jim Wixson says:

    Sgt. Bowe, You’re truly an American hero and my thoughts and prayers are with you. I pray that you will be returned to you’re own soil and your loved ones very soon! May God send His holy angels to watch over and protect you. God bless you always.

    Jim Wixson
    Idaho Falls, ID

  48. Rick Ehmke says:

    My prayers for all of you…I hope your family receives peace with your sons safe return. As well as his transition back into life at home. I continue to remind people to remember and pass knowledge of Beau to others they connect with. Peace to you brother….your son will come home…till then keep the faith and know we care.


  49. I am saddened that you weren’t released during the Thanksgiving holiday. I think we have it all backwards today & that our corrupt president is the one that should be in your place. God speed in your release and stay well.

  50. Tracey says:

    I pray for your safe release, Bowe. I also pray for your family and friends who are missing you. I hope this whole horrible and tragic situation comes to a peaceful close very soon. God bless you!

  51. Mary Beth Young says:

    Let’s do something to get the White House’s attention about our beloved Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl! There’s a grassroots campaign going on now to “flood the White House with Christmas cards” to continue to let our leaders know we want Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl home! Will you send a Christmas card to the White House for Sgt. Bergdahl?

    There is an article about this campaign on KTVB.com The article states “Let’s get something done, let’s bring some closure, let’s bring Bowe home for Bob and Janie Bergdahl,” said Dwight Murphy, a family friend of the Bergdahls.” The article continues “”This is to put pressure on him and let him know that our country has not forgotten our son,” said Murphy. “We want him home.”

    They’re sending that message in the form of Christmas cards. The group has designed a card you can download from Facebook or you can send a card of your own.

    “This message is for Bowe that we haven’t forgotten, that we want him home, we love him, happy holidays, keep the smile on your face and keep the hope strong because we haven’t forgotten you,” said Murphy.

    The goal is for the White House to get one million Christmas cards for Bowe.
    Organizers understand Bowe will most likely never see the cards, and President Obama may never read them, but they hope the holiday message has a meaning.
    “What we’re hoping to accomplish is that people say hey there are a lot of people out there that want Bowe home and it’s time we take action to do so,” said Bergdahl’s friend, Stefanie O’Neil.

    Friends hope it brings change and brings peace to Bergdahl’s family as they prepare to spend another Christmas without him. “It’s a time for peace, the holidays are about peace and it would be wonderful to get Bowe home to give peace to his family, his friends, and his community,” said O’Neil.

    Organizers say you can address the cards to Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, in care of the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Washington D.C.

    This is one of the best gifts we can give this Christmas season: to mail a Christmas card to let our President know we want Sgt. Bergdahl home!

  52. Susie says:

    This is the first time I recall ever hearing about Sgt. Bergdahl and we’ll be praying for him to come home!!

  53. JACKIE says:


  54. Alexis Gosik says:

    Still praying for Bowe’s safe return every morning and every evening. Have been wearing Bowe’s name around my wrist for the past three years, hoping and praying. Supporting Rolling Thunder every year and plastering stickers of Bowe’s face on anything that I can. Keeping the faith and saying an extra prayer tonight.

  55. Tim Ruland says:

    I served during the Vietnam War and still am wearing a POW bracelet from then, it pains me that Bowe is still not home. I had the honor and privilege to get a Riding for Bowe decal two years ago at Rolling Thunder in DC. I have proudly had that on my Harley’s windshield since that day and told anyone who would listen about Bowe. Unfortunately I am getting a new windshield and will lose the decal. Is there any way I can get a few more? Having them on a motorcycle is my way of honoring Bowe and making sure everyone who sees my bike knows about him,

    Until he comes home he will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  56. I am trying to raise awareness through my facebook page. It pains me that I keep getting ignored by all my friends. It pains me that he is still there and nothing is being done about it! The people of Isreal made so much noise to get their POW home. Come on, let’s all gets together and raise some hell. I have already contacted my local media, my state representative and the veterans site. Nothing! This irks me to no end that people can still go on with their merry lives and ignore the situation. Well I’m not! I support my troops regardless and that means I support Bowe. I am so sadden by Bowe’s story. I am so pissed off that i was not made aware of this until I did some research for a novel i was writing about someone being in captivity. I am glad I found this information and again am doing all I can for Bowe!

  57. charlene rebmann says:

    God bless you, know that you are in my prayers. My husband and I belong to Rolling Thunder (POW/MIAawareness organization) where I got your sticker, we put it on our truck,also wear bracelet. Neither will be removed until you are on American soil!! Stay Strong!! We love you!!

  58. Regina says:

    Reading about Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl story has made me sad. My heart goes out to him and his family and friends. I can’t begin to image what this young man is going through it hurts my heart to know that he is being held captive and our government won’t do anything to get him back home safely. I mean how would they feel if they had a loved one held in captivity against their will. It just makes me sick to the stomach to know that this solider has been in captivity for over four years. I pray for him and his family and friends. I am at a lost for words…my heart hurts and I pray that God will make a way for this young man to come home as soon as possible safe and sound so he can be in the arms of those who love and care for him.

  59. laurie orcutt says:

    I first heard about this last year at the Veterans Hospital in Reno, NV and now at the NM Veterans Hospital and am facebooking my friends and family and posting there to make more people aware! My son is serving in the Army Infantry! So this is could be my son!!! I will be doing all that I can at my end, thank god for the veterans who came before, who keep this story alive at the Veteran Hospitals………I made my son aware of this now…..

  60. Sharon McDonald says:

    What is happening to Bowe is a shame. My heart go out to his family. I’ll sign AND FORWARD TO MY REPRESENTATIVES any petitions I get.

  61. Henry Ayer says:

    I am saddended and embarrased that I had actually forgotten about this brave young man. From this day forward I will call, I will lobby and I will pray that this brave young man is soon brought home to his family! Again I am so sorry!! SAD SAD SAD!!!

    • Ruth Morrison says:

      Like Henry, I am embarrassed about my own ignorance. Sgt. Bergdahl has been a POW for FIVE YEARS?!!! I remember when we were told that he had been captured, and it seemed like the news media at the time was insinuating that it was due to something he had done (like drinking or wandering off on his own?). WHAT IS PRESIDENT OBAMA DOING?!!!!! What is going on in our country? Why is this dear young man not a part of every conversation that our citizens AND elected officials are engaged in? I don’t recall hearing anything since his capture.

      If it were not for the post of one of my friends on facebook yesterday, I might have never known. I googled because I assumed, incorrectly, that Sgt. Bergdahl had been accounted for. Thank God for google and your website here. I am sick to my stomach and will do my part in getting the word out. BRING SGT. BERGDAHL HOME!!!!! My thoughts and prayers are with his precious family and loved ones. Thank you for your sacrifice on our behalf, peace be with you all.

  62. Chris Wilder says:

    My brother paratrooper, you are not forgotten. Hang tough bro, better days are ahead.

  63. gina says:

    VFW Post 5422 located at 557 W. Baltimore St in Wilmington IL will be holding a POW/MIA Ceremony on Sept. 20, 2013 in their hall. The ceremony will begin promptly at 4P. You will not be allowed to enter after 4P so please get there early to get a seat. We will continue to pray for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and we must do everything in our power to help get him home.

  64. jeannie Farrell says:

    God bless Sgt Bowe Bergdahl&his family.I pray for his safe return.What can we do as citizens to help?

    • Jeff McDougle says:

      It always sounds somewhat silly, but just keep talking about him. Tell your family, tell your friends, talk about him at your church, at work, at play, etc. Public outcry is the best, cheap, effective mode of information passing we can do. The public has to hear about him till their tired of hearing about him. And then they need to call, email, or use the postal sevice to their Congress men & women till their tired of hearing about him. Only then will they “get it”. WE WON’T ALLOW HIM TO BE FORGOTTEN AND SWEPT UNDER THE RUG.

  65. Karen Peterson-Weeks says:

    Wish you were home this Labor Day holiday with your loved ones. I have a good feeling you will be soon and I pray for you. Keep the faith, cry to God & eat as well as you can to keep your strength (raw foods are best). I sound like a mother don’t I? Well, you look so much like my dad when he was your age and my 2 sons are marines and 1 is in Japan speaking funny. God Bless & you are in my heart. ox Karen Peterson-Weeks

  66. Dianne says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family Bowe….you will come home…

  67. WK says:

    To Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl and family, My thoughts and prayers are with you. I pray for an immediate, swift, and safe return of Sgt Bergdahl. God bless and help us all in a time where this is permissible in our country. -From one military member and family, to another.

  68. SFC Wild Bill says:

    God Bless Bowe all the soldiers still deployed in support of OEF. God Damn the stupid politicians who refuse to use the full extent of their resources to find him and bring him home. They only care about their next election. Unacceptable costs? There would be no problem in getting volunteers, starting with me.

  69. LANCE BONTKE says:

    You guy and your son are both in my prayers and my god bring him back home to you real soon my heart go out to you and all that are in the armed forces.I will ask God to please bring him home safe and sound back to his family that has loved him from day one

  70. Scott DeVault says:

    My name is Scott from Hobart, In I met Bowe’s Mother in May on the run for the wall in Hurricane, WV.
    I have had a POW/MIA decal made and it’s on my Harley as well as the riding for Bowe.
    I have made 250 flyers and I seen my congress man Pete V. on the 4th of July and passed out about 200 of the flyers walking in the parade.
    I did get a letter from Pete and all that was said was the same thing you have posted that there working on it.
    God Bless and where praying for Bowes safe return home

  71. sunzshine5 says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Sgt.Bowe Bergdahl. May God watch over you everyday that goes by. I pray that the good Lord bring you home to your beautiful family who are waiting for you. I wish upon the bright shinny stars that God will guides you home to safely……

  72. Joseph Fels says:

    Heavenly Father Almighty God we ask you in Jesus name for the release of our Brother in uniform and for his health and well being..Keep a hedge of protection around him mentally physically spiritually.. Let him know that we are praying and writing calling and visiting our Representatives o his behalf We pray for his healing of body, for strengthen his emotional health along with great strengthens his Faith and Spiritual strength… Abba four years is four to long …we can pray and know that you answer prayers not on our time but on your time and your time is on time all the time..I ask for strength for his family friends and fellow members of his unit.. Abba please allow his release to be soon very soon … Jesus said to us in the Scriptures that anything we ask in Jesus name that the Father will do to bring Glory to you..Thank you Father in Jesus Name Amen.

  73. Erika Gonzalez says:

    Hello my name is Erika Gonzalez, from modesto, California. I heard bowe’s story from my husbands good friend and his wife. Both my husband and his friend currently serve in the California national guard. When our friend was telling us about bowe, i just couldn’t believe it. All i kept thinking was how could this be going on and the u.s. do nothing about it? Why have 4 years gone by and bowe still be in a pow? I have been telling people bowe’s story and raising awareness any way i can. My friend has made bracelets and we give them out to everybody we know and tell his story, so that when people ask whats my bracelet about, i tell them. We need to bring bowe home safe and sound. You and your family are in my prayers, because you are coming home. stay strong!!!!We need to make it happen now!!!!!

  74. Well, Bowe, show #44 is this Saturday and I can’t believe your still in captivity. 4 years of days and nights really do make a nightmare. I am ashamed of my country that we have left you behind. When I served in Viet Nam, it never occurred to me that I could be left behind. We are Americans and the common man never leaves his brother. You served us now we must serve you and get you out. I call on the President, our Senators, and our Congress to unite and do all that is possible to get you home. I am sorry your are suffering.

    • Pathfinders says:

      I totally agree with you 100% we claim to leave no soldier behind, but how can we say that when clearly we have? Why is this so difficult for our Government?

  75. karen peterson-weeks says:

    Stay strong babe, keep the faith. You are in my prayers as well. Karen

  76. Caitlyn Bender says:

    You Sgt.Bowe Bergdahl & your family are in our prayers & thoughts every day, my husband is an Army NDNG, so we won’t stop pushing every one we know it’s time for you to come home. It’s time for the US citizens to to stand tall & save or Nation….

  77. Dee Faatz says:

    Friends of the Forgotten Northeast Wing is a Veterans Support Group, we come from all walks of life Veterans, Civilians, Mothers, Fathers, Children, and Grandchildren, we raise awareness and support for the POW/MIA issues. This year our You Are Not Forgotten Ride is being held in Sgt. Bowe R Bergdhal’s name, to raise awareness in NE Pennsylvania that we need to bring him home. I myself have two sons and cannot imagine what the family of this courageous man is going through. Our prayers go out to Sgt. Bergdhal and his family and may God watch over him and protect him and bring him home!
    Dee Faatz

  78. TIM FOLTZ says:


  79. Joshua O Nabors says:

    Just wanted to show my support I had no idea that people like you were trapped over there hurts my heart to think of the horrible things you have suffered through I pray you are brought home soon America awaits your retur

  80. Sgt. Bowe, when you come home and read this, and I KNOW you will, I hope it comforts you for the rest of your life to know that people like me, total strangers to you are praying for your safe return to us. Thank you sir for what you had to sacrifice in order to serve what was once a great Nation. I pray God keeps you and your loving family strong and encouraged until you return to their waiting arms. God bless you HERO!

  81. Katy Enkerud says:

    I met JR and Jayne in ELma, WA on 7/5/13 and spent 7/16 with them and now carry some of the Bowe pamphlets with me. As I looked at the replica of the VietNam wall, I told people that there are over 58,000 names on that wall and I don’t want another one. I asked everyone to call and contact their senators. On this past Sunday I gave the information to a former member of my family who is still in the National Gaurds asking him to please share the information and how important it is to me, that he and others do not end up in this posisiton. My prayers are with Bowe and his family and friends. Lets bring him home. Don’t let the government leave anyone behind.

  82. Richard Thurlow says:

    Praying for Bowes safe return.

  83. All we can say is we are praying daily for Bowe Bergdahl. We thank him for his service, and we hope he is brought home safely and soon. God Bless you Bowe Bergdahl

  84. Missy says:

    Prayers for Bowe’s speedy return. I offer my support, prayers and love.

  85. Mary Beth says:

    To: Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and his parents, Bob and Jani. Just a few minutes ago marked the beginning of Sgt. Bergdahl’s fifth year as a POW. My heart is so very heavy and my fervent prayers are with each of you. I pray the US government will do whatever it takes to get “our son” – our American son – back home. We must get him home. God, please make a way quickly.

  86. BETTY GREGORY says:


  87. Bill says:

    I spent twenty years in the USAF, retired after a wonderful career. I just found a pamphlet in my locale small town hardware store telling me about this young man. I am so sorry. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! Yes, bring him home . . . . at all costs . . .NOW. On a national level what could be of more importance!

  88. Jeannie says:

    We all need to put pressure on our government for the safe return of Bowe Bergdahl! Our soldiers will be returning home and we must make sure that Bowe does too! I have a son and I can’t imagine how it must feel to have a son held captive in a foreign country. Bowe and his family are in our thoughts and prayers until he is home in the loving arms of his parents.

  89. Robin Clay says:

    How do you say Thank you to a man who has given so much and is still struggling to survive. You are in my thoughts everyday as well as your family. I too am working on getting the word out here in North Carolina. I will continue to spread the word until you are home. We will not allow you to be left behind and you will never be forgotten! Robin Clay Hillsborough North Carolina

  90. Nancy says:

    Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl,

    You are in my prayers, and I pray in Jesus’s name you come home before you hit your four year mark. God bless.

  91. Katherine Hall says:

    Sending prayers and support to the family and friends of the Bergdahls. Much too much time has passed, I hope Bowe comes home soon!

  92. Lynn Mathes says:

    Four years ago I was preparing for a wedding, and when I think of all that has happened since then, my heart breaks to remember Sgt. Bergdahl and all of his family and friends … and all you are going through. We are praying for you and trust there will be GOOD NEWS ahead! God has NOT forgotten you. We have not forgotten you. Thank you to Sgt. Bergdahl’s family and friends for being such tremendous advocates. You are amazing. God bless you all! Can’t wait to share in the good news of Sgt. Bergdahl’s release SOON!!!

  93. karen says:

    My heart aches for Bowe. My son, a marine, just got back from Afghanistan and his brother also serves as a marine at Camp Pendleton, CA. I will put you in prayer and may God keep you safe & sound & returning you home soon.

  94. drew says:

    You are thought about every single day, sir.

    You will be brought home safely and live out your life in the greatest country on earth.

    Everyone has you in our thoughts every single day. You are a hero and your suffering has not been in vain.


  95. Anne Marie says:

    Sgt. Bergdahl…There are no words that can appropriately express the gratitude you are due for your service to your country, but please know that there is more joy in the laughter of children because of the freedoms you have voluntarily fought for. Thank you. There is no comfort that I can offer you that may bring any true measure of relief for your sacrifice, but please know that there is hope for your safe return to your family and friends. If there is hope, anything is possible. There is hope. Anything is possible. There is no authority in the words of an ordinary human like me to get the results you deserve, but please know that though I am just one person, I am one of countless many who act on your behalf in small ways everyday. I am one of many who carries your name with me where ever I go, who prays for you and your family, who keeps a light shining until your safe return. I know it is not enough…but please know that although you stand as a solitary man, you are wrapped in the hopes, prayers, thoughts and love of so many individual Americans. God Bless.

  96. Abbie Wilson says:

    Sergeant Bergdahl,
    Every day I wear your POW bracelet and pray for your safe return. You are forever in my thoughts and never forgotten.

    Abbie Wilson

  97. brenda walsh says:

    As a mother of a soldier whose son has just returned from Afghanistan my heart aches for you. All my prayers are for you and your family so once again you may hold your son in your arms tightly where he belongs safe and home.

    • Sandra Lott says:

      COME HOME!

  98. Laura I. says:

    My family prays for Bowe to come home safely. This administration needs to get him home. He fought for this country and they need to fight for him. Until they all come home.. remember. I will contact my congressman and try to my part. God bless Bowe, God bless his family and God bless America.

    • Sandra Lott says:

      Y es the administartion need to get him home,! B ut they arent doing any thing to help him. All we can do is pray for him and all of our soldiers veterans

  99. Nancy says:

    Come on! Bowe needs to come home! I wear your POW bracelet and pray that the government makes the trade to bring you home so I can destroy my bracelet! We never forgot you!

  100. SSgt Logan Brown says:

    Sgt Bergdahl,
    My family and i pray for your quick safe return every night at dinner, and i again, every night before I hit the rack. To some, the thought of being in your position is unfathomable. No clue. Many of our brothers and sisters have made the ultimate sacrifice for the bells of liberty and freedom. However, there is a fate worse than death. The supremacy of all that is pain in every sense of the word. And yet, your loving family waits as your brave soul continues to carry on with strength and honor as a majority of civilians and 99% of the government would rather turn a blind eye. I will continue to pray and inform until you’re home, bro. Marine or Army…Navy, Air Force or Coast Gaurd, were all family that must retain unit cohesion that no civilian (military families obviously excluded) will EVER know or feel. We must remain vigilant, all of us, until each of us are accounted for. Much love, Sgt. We will never forget.
    SSgt Logan Brown/USMC

  101. Carol A. Adamczyk says:

    Dear Sgt. Bowe, My heart is broken that you are still being held captive after all this time…know that you have been on my heart and in my prayers from the moment I found out about you….as well as for your family. I thank God for keeping you and strengthening you in this horrible circumstance…I thank you for your service to the USA and for your sacrifice of being away from your family and defending our country! YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!! So many of us on Facebook constantly bring attention to your story, many, many times a day…We Will NOT let anyone forget where you are! I cannot even imagine what you have gone through and are going through and how your family feels not having you with them, my son in law in serving in the Army and I pray he will never have to experience what you have gone through. Be Strong and Courageous and hang onto the fact that you are Loved and being fought for by your fellow Americans! We will get you home!! May God Bless you and keep you all the days of your life. The Adamczyk Family

  102. Chris says:

    I’m sorry that I just learned about Bowe’s capture while reading the news today. I am surprised that government leadership would allow a fellow citizen, much less a soldier to be held captive by any group for this length of time. I sincerely hope that your family is brought back together soon.

  103. Once I found out about Sgt.Bowe Bergdahl I have been posting it on my facebook and also made it be my wallpaper. I celebrate my 60th birthday on June 30th 2013 and I won’t be able to really celebrate it if he isn’t home. My son is in the Army and lot’s of my friend’s son’s are in the Army or other branches and I can’t fathom what it is like to endure the pain you and your family has gone thru. I finally see it on the new’s today so maybe we are close to a resolution. I send all my prayers and thoughts to you and your son. God Bless Bring Our Son Home <3

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