BOWE BERDGDAHL PROOF of LIFE!: What can his supporters do now?

2014 1JAN 16 PofL Contact CongressNow with news of the recent proof of life video showing Bowe, it’s all the more important to get a hold of your Members of Congress and let them know that there are literally tens of thousands of Bowe supporters who are calling on them to TAKE ACTION and obtain Bowe’s release. How much longer must he wait for freedom! Let them know that America can no longer allow Bowe to remain in enemy hands!  Our Members of Congress have a VERY large say as to how and when Bowe’s release will be obtained.  Let them know that America is counting on the to do the right thing.

If you’ve never contacted your Members of Congress before and need to find out who they are or get their contact info, use this link and search using your zip code:

If you are going to write by mail or email, you can see some sample letters here:

If you want to leave a message for them at their local office along with one in Washington DC, the phone number to the US Capitol Switchboard is 202-224-3121.

In case you’re just now finding out about the proof of life video, here are the details according to three new sources:

“The United States has obtained a “proof of life” video of American soldier Bowe Bergdahl who disappeared from his base in Afghanistan in 2009 and is the only U.S. service member held captive by enemy forces, officials said Wednesday.

The video — which was on a thumb drive intercepted by the U.S. last week — shows a frail, shaky Bergdahl making a reference to the recent death of South African leader Nelson Mandela, the officials said.”

“In the latest video received by the military, Bergdahl was speaking and appeared “gaunt,” the official told Fox News on Wednesday.”

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has been gone far too long, and we continue to call for and work toward his safe and immediate release,” a Pentagon spokesman said.

Bergdahl strong, well-rounded and easy to talk to, friends say

“We cannot discuss all the details of our efforts, but there should be no doubt that on a daily basis — using our military, intelligence and diplomatic tools — we work to see Sgt. Bergdahl returned home safely,” the spokesman said.”

His family, who received a letter from him last year via the Red Cross, issued a statement in response to the latest video.

“As we have done so many times over the past 4 and a half years, we request his captors to release him safely so that our only son can be reunited with his mother and father,” the statement reads. “BOWE – If see this, continue to remain strong through patience. Your endurance will carry you to the finish line. Breathe!”


If you’re wondering what others are doing to raise awareness about Bowe, you might be interested in this photo album:

If you are interested in supplies that you can use to raise awareness about Bowe, follow this link (be sure to check out the free downloadable brochure):

It’s time to bring Bowe home!

U.S. Army SGT Bowe Bergdahl: How many know his name?


220 Weeks ago Bowe Bergdahl was taken captive by insurgents belonging to the Haqqani network, a Taliban-allied insurgent group.


Friday September 20, 2013 is National POW/MIA Recognition Day. Many will hear that this day has been set aside to remember those who are, or have been, designated as a Prisoner of War or as Missing in Action. But how many have even heard Bowe’s name? While people are learning about this special day, they should also learn that America currently has a POW from the war in Afghanistan. While the public is thinking about the POW/MIA issue (at least for the day), Bowe Supporters have an opportunity to tell them about Bowe’s plight. Please consider downloading the free brochure that tells Bowe’s story. Make a few copies and distribute them. Bowe’s supporters are his voice as he cannot speak out for himself.

Get the free brochure HERE.

Steadfast is a Mother’s Love; Remembering a very special Blue Star Mom

May 13, 2012, a day we honor Mothers. We, all of us Bowe Supporters, send thoughts of caring and love to one very special Blue Star Mother, Jani Bergdahl. 

Jani, we wish that we could give you the Mother’s Day gift you want more than anything, your son safe in your arms.  If anything is true this is: we, all of us across America, will do everything in our power to assure that this is the last year you will spend Mother’s Day without your son.  May God Bless you and your family every day and with that special day when Bowe returns home.

A Son

A son is a son
wherever he roams
no matter how far
or the years that have flown.

He may test the darkness
to challenge the unknown,
yet he’ll never be less
than your beloved son.

He may take your soul with him
from sea to sea;
but the child of your heart
he will ever be.

Doesn’t matter the distance
or trials he may know,
he is always ‘your son’
wherever he goes.

~ Carolyn Brunelle