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The goal of this site is multifold.  First and foremost, it is created to help raise awareness in the minds of people throughout the nation about the fact that Sergeant Bowe Robert Bergdahl remains in captivity as a prisoner of  war.  With such a small percentage of Americans directly related to anyone who is currently serving in the United States Armed Forces, it isn’t uncommon for a large portion of the citizenry to be disconnected from the challenges and sacrifices endured by both those serving as well as their families.  Second, this site is intended to provide information for those interested in taking action to make certain that Bowe’s rescue continues to remain a priority in the minds of those in government who are responsible for securing his return.  Third, this is a place to collect information about activities, events and groups which are dedicated to supporting Bowe and his family.  Finally, it provides a place to aggregate news items and other information about Bowe’s situation. 

The nitty-gritty

Sergeant Bergdahl is the focus of this site.  It is not a place to debate politics, government policies, religion, morals, social issues or any other topic. There are plenty of other places on the internet where one can debate and argue but this isn’t one of them. This is a place where people from diverse backgrounds who hold many different beliefs can join together in solidarity on Bowe’s behalf.   No person or group holds a monopoly on caring about Bowe. Though most people can easily agree to these terms, there always seems to be a few who cannot.  For those few who cannot agree, please be aware that any attempt to detract from the purpose of this site and any interaction intended to create negativity or provoke conflict will be met with immediate revocation of the offender’s participation privileges. 

The administrators, at their sole discretion, can accept or reject requests to post links or information on this site for any reason and it is not required that said reason be disclosed.

Links to third-party websites are provided for informational purposes only and their presence on this site does not necessarily constitute an endorsement.  We make an effort to check that the links provided herein are for legitimate sites only however this can cannot be guaranteed. 

Unfortunately, there are those who would stoop to attempting to exploit a situation as tragic and dangerous as  the one Bowe finds himself in.  Let it be known that this site is not associated with the Bergdahl family, the United States government, the Department of the Army, the Department of Defense or any other governmental agency.  Attempts to gain access to any of the aforementioned groups and organizations via this site will be rebuked and promptly dismissed. Neither this site, http://www.supportbowe.org, or any of it’s associated entities on Facebook or twitter, ever attempt to solicit funding or donations of any kind nor are any products sold. Any attempts to do so in this organization’s or website’s name or associated names will be reported posthaste to the appropriate local, state and federal law enforcement authorities.

Copyright Information

All rights are reserved on original material.  Permission for the use of original material in a manner that is noncommercial in nature, and that is in conjunction with the goals of this site as outlined above, is granted for online publishing only and only when proper attribution is given.  A backlink to this site must be provided immediately adjacent to any borrowed material that is posted to any webpage and attribution must also be included in credit form when used in conjunction with any multimedia or moving media production.  We reserve the right, with or without cause, to modify, deny or revoke this permission at any time.  Every effort is made to provide proper attribution to non-original material that is borrowed and posted on this site.  If you are the owner of material that has been posted on this site in a manner that does not comply with your copyright requirements, please let us know at once so that corrective actions can be taken.

Interviews and Press

We are able to provide information regarding supportbowe.org, our Facebook page Waiting and Advocating for Sgt Bowe Bergdahl, US Army – POW and about the grassroots movement that we are building to support Sergeant Bergdahl and his family. 

All questions regarding the Military’s role in Sergeant Bergdahl’s situation should be addressed to the U.S. Central Command Public Affairs Office.  Follow HERE  to the CENTCOM website.

Members of the Media who have questions regarding the Bergdahl family must contact the family’s Media Liaison, Col. Tim Marsano. Colonel Marsano can be contacted at:

Col. Timothy Marsano
    Public Affairs Officer

If you would like to leave a message of support for Sergeant Bergdahl and his family, please leave your message on the  Guest Book page or as a comment to one of the posts made on this websitePlease note that we do not forward private messages to the Bergdahl family.