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  1. Karen Grant says:


  2. Everybody in the armed forces has volunteered. That makes every one of them a hero. If they become damaged during that process, mentally or physically, our job is to take care of them, not to revile them.

    Whatever happened to Bowe is his business, not ours. All we need to know is that he volunteered to serve, clearly gave his best, and suffered unimaginably as a result.

    I don’t know Bowe and have not been following the story until recently. I strongly dislike broadcasting my personal views on touchy issues, but in this case felt it was important enough to contribute. I hope that he and his family will always be treated with care, compassion, and respect.

  3. Carlin Smith says:

    I support Bowe Bergdahl and prayed for him for years. Know that for every hatred mongerer inspired by politicians there are 5 that support our soldier Bowe and all of our soldiers. Keep the faith, good will prevail. My sons in the military and they suppor Bowe Bergdahl too, they are not falling for the tricks of hate mongerers. We Love you Bowe, God Bless YOU!!!
    Carl Lat, Illinois Patriot Guard

  4. I am so thankful he is coming home! I look at my own son and think of the agony Bowe’s parents must have endured the past 5 years. I can’t even imagine what kind of joy they must be feeling now. Bless you all & I pray that everything continues to go well, Bowe gets to come home to Idaho very soon, & all the political turmoil is put to rest.

  5. What an inspirational story of a father who would not give up, congratulations to the whole family. I posted an essay, http://drsusanna.org/afghanistan.php

  6. I am heart broken that Hailey’s celebration has been cancelled. Stay strong knowing that many like me support Bowe’s return and will keep him and his family in our thoughts and prayers.

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