Sgt Bowe Bergdahl: Handover from Taliban to U.S. Special Forces

While this video is still being reviewed by the Pentagon for authenticity (at the time of this post), a Pentagon spokesperson said it appears the video is indeed that of  the  handover of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from the Taliban to members of the United States Special Forces.  The video was originally obtained from a Jihadist website.  In the video, Bowe seems slightly confused about the event that is taking place.  One can see how much he has aged during the five years that he was held captive.  In the video, Special Forces members are seen to quickly accept the transfer of  Bowe and then hurry him to the waiting Black Hawk helicopter.  Before Bowe is released, one of the Taliban fighters warns him “Don’t come back to Afghanistan.”  The entire handover only takes seconds. The handover reportedly took place in Khost Province in Eastern Afghanistan near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.








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  1. Thanks ¡O Holy God! for the return of Bowe Bergdahl with his family and her people. Holy God bless and protect all the afghan people.
    Bowe: please, pray to Holy God for peace, and development in all the world peoples.
    Greetings from Concepción, Tucumán, Argentine.

  2. IT is embarrassing and a total disgrace the way some people have chosen to be judge, jury and executioner for a young man who volunteered to join the military and go where the same people who are trying to crucify him chose to send him. Did we learn NOTHING from the way our country treated our Vietnam veterans as they came home. How can anyone judge who have never been in his shoes and DO NOT know any or all of the details. The fact is he was in the custody of a horribly violent taliban group and now we are continuing the torture right here in our government and other narrow minded people who have never had those shoes on!!!! We totally support Bowe and this family and we pray for the end of the horror that they did live with and are continuing to experience in and on our own soil!!!!

  3. usfltrooper says:

    I share some of the same thoughts and concerns for his family and his ordeal. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I believe in the Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, that is a wonderful human being, that having him with us makes this world a much better place, I share some of the same compassions, to make this world a may more happier place, without the violence and abuse. Thank you for standing up and not accepting the filthiness around you. When I was in the airborne decades ago I knew exactly what you must have gone through, and now we live with the actions of others, who have betrayed our faith in mankind. Remember your not alone.

  4. God Bless America and US ARMY Bowe Bergdahl.Five years a Prisoner of War. When the young lady in Italy was arrested for Murder the whole world sent every television and radio station to cover the story.Finally years later she was released to come home to America. Since then the Italian court has found her guilty. Today and in World War II, Korea, Vietnam , Iraq and Afghanistan the atrocities of War are engrained in our men and women souls for their entire lives. Watching the D-Day invasion on Omaha Beach I am SURE each soldier and sailor wanted out of that Higgins Boat where 95% were killed by German machine gunners as the Bow was opened. Good, bad or indifferent,many men and women have been a POW in jail or their mines, It amazes me the loudest media is probably those who have never served. Predjudice against anyone is wrong.I want to ask those in the media today to go to a FOB Forward operating base at age 19, 21 or today and write down all their thoughts.Today our Veterans struggle with PTSD to the point of Suicides every day. Where is the media on that? Last night on the MISS USA pageant a question was asked about the CRISIS of RAPE of our daughters in college for the past decades? Where is the media on attacking our colleges who charge $30k, $40 and $50k and then just swept under the rug. One young man enlists and does his best.Think America what is important. One young man will be attended to and if according brought to questions The US ARMY will finish the task as it did with Colonel Oliver North. I as the media today to pay attention to the 1 of 5 young girls who step up and file police reports. Many go untold. We have lost over 3800 men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let us turn all our attention to those who came back and give THEM the respect and medical help they need today, tomorrow and and years to come. Ours is not a perfect system.Not one media, television network or radio company sat outside Afghanistan, Iraq or Pakistan after Bowe Bergdahls capture. But they sat for over ONE YEAR in Italy on a whim with only waiting for the Italian jury might do. Wake up America.
    Steve Tomaszewski
    CEO & Founder
    Soldiers family TV & Radio
    Father of 3 sons serving today in the military
    and a daughter in college

  5. Ghaliyaa Haq says:

    Oh gosh it’s good to see people who support him rather than, as you say, exploit him for political gain! Even some in Congress! Talk about being ashamed to be an American, I WILL say that when I see things like this – I am too! And.. as we all know… saying that, if he even did say it – does not mean we are anti-American, it just means that we are ashamed of what our government has done in our names. Nothing wrong with that! It means we love our country enough to care what happens, like the loss of our civil liberties.

    I don’t know – it just sickens me to see those people – and as awful as this will sound, I would like to see any of the naysayers go through want Bowe has even just for one month. Then they will be singing a different tune, I’ll bet.

    I pray that he hasn’t seen or heard any of this garbage. That would be devastating.

    God bless you all!

  6. The political right in America is throwing Bowe under bus for their racist attack on POTUS.

  7. Having suffered public character assassination in the media, I know what it feels like to have complete strangers tear into me like they have every right to do so. I don’t know Bowe, or what he went through, but I can only imagine it was horrible. It’s a tragedy that so many choose to judge others rather than look at themselves. The media has become a place where we as a society revel in building people up so we can tear them down. I wish Bowe and his family the best as they find a way to move through this, and hopefully, to forgive those who judge and attack them.

  8. Eric Smith says:

    I’m ashamed of our politicians and new commentators for using Sgt. Bergdahl and his family as ammunition in their vicious war with President Obama. They are unprincipled hacks who dishonor this country. Sgt. Bergdahl should be proud of his service, proud that he survived his captivity, and proud that he (and his parents) have the kind of independent intelligence that refuses to fit into any category. We live in an age of cowardice and hypocrisy, in a country increasingly controlled by people who are not good or kind or thoughtful. Their version of our country is disgusting; I prefer to live in a country where people like Bowe Bergdahl are honored and respected – both for their service and their complexity as human beings.

    I would be glad to contribute what I can, if money is needed to get through this time.

  9. To Bowe:

    I am impressed by your good intentions in joining the military, but I LOVE that you had the honesty and integrity to acknowledge that the mission was doing something very different than what the (overwhelming) political propaganda claimed.

    I can’t imagine the strength it must have taken for you to get through the past five years, but I can LOVE that you made it!

  10. God Bless you Bowe, rest and be strong
    Love from Australia

  11. johnbravo76 says:

    I give my greatest respect to Bowe’s parents for not losing hope and for having the wisdom to learn the language and to communicate their respect for the Afghan people in the trials of Bowe’s captivity and again in his release. This family has great wisdom. Hannity and the rest of the them have no clue what it means to support family and to go to the greatest extent possible to bring them back. I give my respect to Bowe for surviving his ordeal and to the soldiers who gave ALL to bring him back.

    Peace to the Bergdahl family.

  12. Let the people of his town, and Bowe too, know that we love them and support him in his freedom and recovery.

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