110 comments on “SGT Bowe Bergdahl: FREE AT LAST!!!!

  1. Welcome Back Bowe.. Welcome Back.

  2. Teri mariacher says:

    You are loved and are a hero!!! Take your time reintegrating urself. Thank you love teri landis mariacher

  3. Maria says:

    Welcome home Sgt!

  4. Kay Young says:

    I am so glad this has finally come about. It is the first time I wrote to my representatives requesting their help in getting him out of capture. God bless Bowe and his family.

  5. Sylvia E Ka says:

    God Bless you, Remember: All things are possible through CHRIST our Lord””

  6. Danielle says:

    Welcome home! And thank you for your service and sacrifice!

  7. Thomas says:

    Would never had happened had you not wandered off your post. You are a lucky soldier. Good luck and welcome home!

  8. Ellen says:

    It’s so unbelievably awesome! It brings tears toy eyes. I am so happy for him, his mother, his family. Thank you God, and everyone involved who made this happen! Bowe, you are so loved, may you know that love as you transition into your your new life at home…We all know it’s not your ‘old’ life anymore…Hopefully it won’t be long before the ‘new’ and the ‘old’ merge into one. God Bless!

  9. Bren Rivers says:


  10. Andrew Willis says:

    Thank God, final! What a joyous day. Welcome home soldier, welcome home.

  11. charlene rebmann says:

    I was getting ready to go tend bar at our American Legion when the news came on about your release,WELCOME HOME…

  12. gpcox says:

    Words can not express the happiness I feel at your return. Your stamina and courage are quite the testament to your character. WELCOME HOME!!

  13. bjpw says:

    Thank Goodness you are coming home! I cried tears of joy when I found out. You have so many supporters who have been thinking of you! Welcome home SGT Bergdahl!!

  14. bjpw says:

    Thank goodness you are coming HOME!!!! I read the news and started crying tears of joy at the idea of you being FREEEEEE!!! Welcome home Bowe! You are loved by so manu!!!

  15. Maikel says:

    Welcome home! Respect!
    Greetings from just a Dutch guy….

  16. MEHRNAZ says:

    God bless you Sgt Bergdahl.

  17. Kay Matteson says:

    Thank GOD, Free at last. I’ve called the Whitehouse so many times I thought they might block my number.. Prayers are certainly answered. Thank you Lord for bringing Bowe home.
    The Matteson family

  18. Greg Tevis says:

    Bob and Jani…i hope the holes in your hearts that have been carved by sorrow…will be filled with peace and joy with Bowe’s return. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with all of you…

  19. Jennifer says:

    Thank God!!!!

  20. Laurie White, wife of a retired soldier says:

    God bless Bowe and the Bergdahl Family. I am so happy you will have your boy back in your arms again soon. Bowe, thank you for serving your country and thank you for not giving up. Army Strong.

  21. Cam Murad says:

    Grateful to God almighty for your safe return to your family. Praise God.

  22. Kathy Hurt says:

    Welcome Home Bowe! Thank you for your service and your Awesome family with whom we all feel related now.God Bless this transition,enjoy your new life!

  23. Linda Beal says:

    This is an answer to prayer. We have been waiting for this day. You were NEVER forgotten. Rest and let the love of a thankful nation carry you and your family. This is a great day!

  24. Lisa Hayes says:

    We love you and are so very grateful for your service to our country.God bless you each and
    every day.

  25. Marcy Pound says:

    Thank you God for bringing home Sgt. Bowe. I have prayed for you since the beginning of your capture. I cried when I read you had been released and are coming home. God bless you and your family.

  26. Sheri Ryan says:

    What wonderful news for your family! I’ve followed the story of your son and visited this website often. I know you can’t wait to see his face and hug him tightly. I pray for his safety as he travels home and for his recovery. America rejoices tonight for Bowe’s release! God bless you all.

  27. tkgerson says:

    My prayers have been answered. I continue to pray for you.

  28. John Cherry says:

    This is the very best news that I have heard in a long time! Congratulations to the Bergdahl Family and Friends.

  29. Ronald L. Gjestson says:

    Our Prayers are finally answered. I was working with THE EYES OF FREEDOM today and the guys gave me the new. Tears of joy have been shed here in Bozeman, MT. God be with you Bowe.

  30. shayla says:

    Praise God you are safe! You and your family has been in our thoughts and our prayers for many years. You will be in our continued thoughts and prayers as you transition back to normal life. Ignore the negative people and know you have many people who care that you are back!!! We are so proud you stayed strong. ((Hugs))

  31. M Mangum says:

    So thankful to God that Sgt Bowe is coming home. Blessings!

  32. Rebecca Stuckey says:

    So glad to see this. I don’t know if we’re related, but my maiden name is Bergdahl. Bowe has been in my thoughts.

  33. Anna says:

    Welcome Home Bowe!! We got your six, Soldier, and we love you. God is good.

  34. Robin Clay says:

    I guess it is about time to hang my bracelet up in a place of honor and take your mia sticker off my truck. I am so glad you are coming home. Thank you for your service!

  35. grahampackers says:

    Hurray! Prayers have been answered. We will still pray for his recovery

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  36. lori says:

    Welcome home Bowe. You have been in our hearts and minds since your capture. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. In our prayers always.

  37. joe says:

    He needs a heros welcome!!!

  38. Years of joy and relief fell from my eyes today when I learned of Bowe’s relief. As a mother of a US military veteran who is still helping her son recover from the traumas of war incurred almost a decade ago. These wars steal parts of people even when they manage to come home. I hope we can remember this for all of our veterans and pray that Bowe can find a solidness of support knowing so many of us have prayed for his return. Welcome home Bowe. Welcome home.

  39. Cynthia says:


  40. Trish says:

    I wept this morning upon reading this news. Thank God. Blessings to Bowe and his family who have been through the unthinkable.

  41. New York says:

    Congrats and welcome home. I hope that your transition back into your life is one full of love, patience, kindness and warmth. Big kudos to the family. Never giving up for 5 years, something I’m not sure most of us would have the strength to endure. I hope wonderful things happen for all of you, you certainly deserve it.

  42. Rachel Findlay says:

    WOrds cannot express how happy and grateful I feel right now for bowe and his amazing family. I pray that Jesus will heal and restore this beautiful man and keep him close and safe. I can’t imagine how strong this man is to survive this and he will be a true inspiration yo me for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for your sacrifice and God bless you and your family richly forever xoxo

  43. Theresa says:


  44. Anna says:

    So very happy for all the family and friends of this brave young man. We rejoice w/ you in NC.

  45. Sandy Taylor says:

    Free at last free at last !!!

  46. Tipton Family says:

    GOD IS AMAZING!!!!!!!

  47. Cutsinger's says:

    Welcome home! Our thoughts and prayers will continue with you as you adjust to freedom. thank you for your service!

  48. Dennis H Rathmann says:

    As a US Air Force veteran, who served during the Viet Nam conflict, I am proud to welcome Bowe back to the world. Our prayers and hopes are with you on your road to a steady recovery.

  49. Melissa Jones Bowles says:

    I watched CNN come on with breaking news that you are free today!!! Tears filled my eyes with such happiness that you are heading home soon!!!! We all have been praying for your return home and you were NEVER FORGOTTEN!!!!!

  50. Becky says:

    Praise The Lord! God Bless Bowe and his family!

  51. andrea harris says:

    I am so thrilled to hear this news!!! Praise the Lord!!! Welcome home Sir!!!! And thank you for your service!!!!!

  52. Leah Goodwin says:

    Welcome Home Bowe, I am grateful to the special forces for getting you back to America. I am overwhelmed with joy at the news of your freedom. Thank you for all you have given. God bless you.

  53. Lauree Kelly says:

    Thank you Father God for being with this soldier and his family, friends and fellow brothers during his time of suffering as many others before him have. Sgt, God will use this tragedy for you and your family to inspire others and work for the glory of God. May you grow from this experience and you enjoy the hugs from your family, friends, fellow brothers and all your followers. God bless.

    Your Sister in Christ,


  54. Sharon Bruno says:

    ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA!!!!! Bowe is a FREE man!!! My whole family is absolutely ellated! Thank you Lord for answering our prayers! We will continue to pray for you Bowe and for your family and your recovery. We pray for peace and for all the veterans, active duty troops, and all our POWS/MIA’S. God bless and may we NEVER FORGET! Keeping the Faith in Pennsylvania.

  55. Bill Buschgen says:


  56. Janet says:

    I am very happy you are being released. Thank you for your service.

  57. Linda Jo Garcia says:

    I cry with joy!! I just saw your parents with President Obama on television!! I am one of your advocates–thank God and everyone that made it possible!! Welcome home, Our brave Bowe!!!

  58. Becky says:

    So happy to hear this this morning! Yes Amen!

  59. Praise God. Welcome home! I have your POW bracelet on and have been wearing it since I learned of your capture. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice of 5 years. GOD BLESS YOU!

  60. Cindy Peacock says:


  61. Michelle says:

    So happy for Bowe and his family. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. God Bless you all!

  62. Praise the Lord he is free. I can’t imagine what he has had to endure these past years, I am especially happy for the Sgt, and of course his family. I bet he can’t believe it either !

  63. Tiarrah says:

    Glory be and the saints be praised! A very warm welcome home!!!!!

  64. Doug says:

    About time! Praise the Lord for his safe return! Feed him well and allow him the time and patience that he will need to adjust to freedom and come transition to the civilian word……. It won’t be easy…. Will be tougher on him than any other. Blessings!

  65. Marian Buda says:

    Thank God for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s release. we are blessed today. Thank you , God . so , so happy!!!! Love, Marian Buda

  66. Holly says:

    I am sooo happy to be reading this!!! You are welcomed with open arms, SGT Bergdahl!

  67. Tina Keaton says:

    Thank God,I knew this day would come..Iam so happy

  68. leonnie gibson says:

    I have tears of relief and joy! Such wonderful news!

  69. Richard D. Brody says:

    What concerned veterans and families of Amerian POW’s have been saying since the 1970’s holds true today: When one Ametican’s life is not worth saving then we, as Americans have lost.
    Welcome home SGT!
    Clarksburg, NJ

  70. Jan says:

    Wonderful news for everyone. I want to meet Beau Bergdahl to thank him.

  71. Kim Alexander says:

    All of the prayers have been answered and he’s coming home! May Bowe be blessed with as much love and joy that he can handle. Please know that we have prayed countless times for your rescue and your safety. May you live the rest of your life with the simple knowledge that even strangers are proud of you and beyond thrilled to have you home where you belong. God bless the Bergdahl family and everyone who did their part to save him.

  72. Thank you for your service, SGT Bergdahl. Welcome Home!

  73. U B says:

    Blessed be the God the captors believe in, who influenced the captors’ decision to keep our former POW Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl ALIVE. Blessed be the God we believe in, for keeping the former POW Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in the Palm of his Hand…

  74. Michele A. Smits says:

    Pure Bliss! Utter Joy right now!! Can’t wait until your feet touch American soil. We never forgot you, Bowe! You were never, ever left behind!!

  75. Carla says:

    Thank God your coming home! Been praying for you so long love and happiness to you! Thank you for your service and praying God will bless you and so happy for your parents! Love you Bowe!

  76. Ingvild says:

    Velkommen hjem, Bowe! Nyt tiden med familien din, og vær sterk! Hilsen fra Norge. Welcome home, Bowe! Enjoy the time with your family, and stay strong! Greetings from Norway

  77. Marsha Lind says:


  78. Michele Smits says:

    God Bless! He’s actually coming home!! I happen to be wearing one of his T-shirts right now!!!

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  79. Danielle says:

    Crying on this saturday evening because i just saw the news on sgt bowe being released. Have followed this news via my pintrest friends for so long now. I’m sure it will take you a lot of time sgt bowe to adjust after this but i wish you and your family all the best and love you need!!!! Warm greetings from the netherlands

  80. AJ says:


  81. U B says:

    WELCOME BACK POW! I kneel down suddenly feeling cold and full of goose bumps in today’s sweltering heat, to kiss the ground thanking God and the SF for your rescue. All those who arranged the exchange, on both sides, too. Thanking the “bad guys” over there who took you – for your release. May all others who’s release was granted in your exchange be happy now that they are free, may their God that they believe in- grant them peace. May this war come to an end. POW release day should be made a national holiday of celebration for this POW, and all others before him…

  82. nepafotf says:

    Gods Speed Bowe! You are our inspiration!
    George & Kim Atkinson

    • Lila Watts says:

      Tears of joy for your return. I was so hoping that our Ladies Auxiliary Post 8081 in Warrenville, IL would not have to carry your POW Banner on the 4th of July. Instead we’ll be able to celebrate your return home. May God be with you and your family in the hours, days and months ahead.

  83. Kathy says:

    Welcome home Bowe!

  84. Trice says:

    SO THRILLED for this soldier and his family, friends and military buddies!

  85. Donna Casiday says:

    Thank you Father in Heaven! My prayers will continue for Sgt Bergdahl as he recovers from his nightmare I have come to feel as if the Bergdahls are part of my family. They will be in my prayers always. So many tears of joy today!

    God bless you Sgt Bergdahl.

  86. carrienicholas@msn.com says:

    I am so happy for your family and for Bowe!! I have a son that was in the Navy for five years and I cannot even begin to imagine what you have gone through. Life is just beginning again for you!

  87. maureen hunt says:

    The Hunt family of Sarasota Florida is overjoyed for Bowe and his family. Our prayers have been answered. ARMY STRONG!

  88. Cindy Peacock says:

    PRAISE JESUS! We love you Bowe and we never gave up on you! Welcome home soldier and God Bless! ♥

  89. Joyce Baker says:

    THANK GOD!!! About time!!

  90. Vicki Todaro says:

    Thank God you are free! My twin grandsons, Ethan and Evan have been telling everyone at St. Mary School to pray for you and now our prayers have been answered. Bowe, we are crying with tears of joy for you and your family. God bless you and keep you safe always! We are so proud of you! God bless your family. With love, Vicki Todaro and grandsons

  91. Cathy Johnson says:

    I am so happy and thankful for your release…….May God grant you added peace and strength for the years you suffered for us. God Bless You and your family….

  92. AlexisJaime says:

    A very good piece of news. I hope he returns to a somewhat normal life where he is surrounded by loved ones and lives out the rest of his life in peace.

  93. SGT BOWE BERGDAHL–WELCOME HOME! !!!!!!!! Our Father GOD has answered the many thousands of prayers that have been prayed for you! I consider it a privilege to be able to pray for such a brave soldier, and will continue to do so as you readjust from your harrowing ordeal. I was honored to wear my “BRING BOWE HOME” sweatshirt to raise awareness of your captivity, as well as sending Christmas cards to the White House urging your release! ! YOUR FREE:-)

  94. Nancy says:

    Congraulations to the bowe family! I thank God he will be home soon. Obama need to stop the war and stop giving all the welfare and goverment help to the wrong people ( veterans should become first priority). In my town you see homeless in almost every block. No recognition from Obama will ever change or Give you SGT. BOWES LOST years of his life. God bless and best wishes to from California.

  95. Sheila K. says:

    This is wonderful news!! I am an active supporter of all of our active
    military and vets and have prayed for Bowe to safely come home since his capture. God bless you Bowe and to his dear family who has suffered so long waiting for your return. I hope the transition back will go smoothly for all of you.

  96. Keriann says:

    What wonderful news :) I’m so glad you have him back home. Nice and safe. Cherish every moment you have with him

  97. Lisa Sylvia says:

    This is fabulous news. It gave me goose bumps. I’ve had his POW bracelet for over a year and wrote to every friend/colleague/associate to sign the petition for his release. I just sent them all an email of thanks. May he be reunited with his family soon and God Bless him and his Family and the US Special Forces who aided in his rescue.
    Leave no man behind!!

  98. David Dransfield says:

    What a great day. I am so happy for Bowe and his family!

  99. Teresa Howell says:

    This is the best news EVER!!!! He’s going to have a long road of recovery ahead of him, we’ll continue to pray for him.

  100. michael lawrence says:

    Prayers answered :)

  101. Hannah says:

    Praise be to God! We have been praying daily and nightly for your safe release,health and comfort for your Mom, Dad & family members. Our young daughter has a POW flag on her wall and asks for updates daily. We did not forget you! We rejoice with you! Welcome Home!

  102. Praise God! Thank you, Jesus, for his safe release!

  103. Jenn Brown says:

    Praise God!! He’s coming home!! My family–even the toddlers–have been praying for Bowe every night. You have your whole life ahead of you, Bowe Bergdahl!! I am excited (literal happy tears–and I realize I don’t know you) just thinking about the good things to come in your future. Thank you, thank you for staying strong… I’m sorry it took us so long to get you back home. You are forever in our prayers!! The Brown Family, Charleston, SC

  104. Peggy Reeves says:

    Thanks be to the God of Heaven! So glad he will be with his family soon.

  105. Alissa Stuckey says:

    This is the most joyous news! It’s amazing what happens when you never give up hope! Free at last!

  106. Welcome home ….
    God Bless You, SGT Bowe Bergdahl

  107. Suzanne Wilcox says:

    Amen! Thank God!

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