15 comments on “Memorial Day 2014: For the love of country, they gave.

  1. Steve says:

    I never forgot you my friend. I am glad you are coming home brother.

  2. Pam Maughan says:

    Hurray! Congrats to Bob and Janny!
    I would be honored to shave your beard off Bob! :) I know you grew it until your handsome son was returning home. You can get rid of it now……..
    I cried when I heard today!
    This is Pam @ A Cut -n- M’Orr on Main street.
    Love you both and I wish you the best night’s sleep in almost 5 years.

  3. us citizen says:

    May u enjoy riding your bike in freedom again!!! WELCOME HOME!!!!

  4. us citizen says:

    Welcome home!! Thank u for your service.

  5. Audrey says:

    Everyone! Bowe has been released! He was exchanged for five Afghan detainees and is making the trip home to his family! the article is on ksl! Bowe is finally home!

  6. Michelle B-K says:

    on my knees i beg the Lord for Bowe’s return… for YEARS, taking him to heart as if he were my own brother… and now i hear that our prayers have been answered in the best possible way! Bowe, people you will never meet have been praying for this moment for all this time, every day you were gone, and i consider it an honor to pray for your transition and recovery. welcome HOME!

  7. hac says:

    I pray for you and your family, God bless
    From the Netherlands

  8. Tanveer Rauf says:

    may all who died fighting gallantly for their country rest in peace amen

  9. Dr. Rex says:

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    Memorial Day …… Remember!!

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    Thank you to every military man and woman who served where their country sent them. Hugs, Barbara

  11. boraxo says:

    This weekend write to your local tv news stations and newspapers, urging to do a story about this young man. We need to create a firestorm of public demand that the President pulls out all the stops. Task force, special forces, bribe Taliban thugs, whatever it takes – bring this soldier home.

  12. NS says:

    Praying for you Bowe!

  13. maureen hunt says:


  14. joanbee3 says:

    Praying for Bowe Bergdahl’s return.

  15. marie russo says:

    Praying for Bowe this weekend. let me offer all my prayers for him that he may come home. One of the many that have protected this special country…the USA. God Bless All of Them.

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