Bowe Bergdahl Billboards to Raise Awareness About His Plight

Bowe Bergdahl BillboardBowe Supporters have worked very hard making signs and getting billboard space to raise awareness about Bowe. We want to keep everyone updated on the latest contributions that we are aware of.

One way you can make your own sign is by using the free template located on this website.

Bowe BERGDAHL SIGN template
Bowe Bergdahl sign Detroit


If you’d like to try your hand at getting a billboard going, follow here:


Follow the links below to find out about  some of the latest billboards.
2014 1JAN BILLBOARD for Bowe San Diego youtube

SAN DIEGO, CA (video)

 Idaho Berdahl Billboard


2014 1JAN BILLBOARD for Bowe Jacksonvill, NC

Jacksonville, NC (article & photo)
Many thanks to Lamar Advertising for their generous donation of billboard space for Bowe.

5 comments on “Bowe Bergdahl Billboards to Raise Awareness About His Plight

  1. glenn grove says:

    you made it buddy!!! praise God.

  2. Karen Bickley says:

    I am just sick reading that this young man is still being held.
    For God’s sake can they send the Seals or someone to bring him home
    No one left behind!
    Karen Bickley
    Sydney Australia

  3. Christine Mayer says:

    I’m really interested in trying to get a billboard ad…I’d love any advise, suggestions, etc. Thank you!!!

  4. brett stevens says:

    To President Obama.
    Please continue to personally supervise the efforts to safely bring home Sgt Bowe Bergdahl, he is a true American hero. Sir he has been a prisoner of war for over four and a half years now, his family need him home and he needs to be with his beloved Mum and Dad. I have followed Sgt Bergdahl’s plight from home here in Australia, you are the President of the greatest, most powerful country on earth, I believe if anyone can bring him home with gods speed, the United Sates of America can. Your our friend and our ally, you have never let us down and I trust you won’t with bringing Bowe home.
    Thankyou Sir.
    Brett Stevens
    Sydney Australia.

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