Supporting Bowe Bergdahl: Events Planned


Bowe Supporters have reported that they’ve planned the following events to support Bowe:

IMPORTANT: Information is current at the time of posting. Please double check for any changes to the event description and times in advance of attending the event.

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POW/MIA Freedom March on April 9 in Washington DC

8th Annual Sweet-Ola Ride/BBQ and Auction on April 28 in Boise Valley, ID

Bring Bowe Home 5K Run/Ruck March on May 4 in Plano, TX

Oregon/Washington 4th National Armed Forces Freedom Ride on May 18 in Vancouver, WA 

Sgt Bowe Bergdahl tree planting and fund raiser on June 22 in Hailey, ID

Elko POW*MIA Awareness Walk & Ride for Bowe on June 29-30 in Elko, NV

7 comments on “Supporting Bowe Bergdahl: Events Planned

  1. Smoke says:

    There will be a Free Bowe table set up @ Northwest Harly Davidson, Exit 111 Lavey WA. Noon to 4 pm. Come get you bracelets and Call Sen. Murray Bowe Tuesday magnets. FREE BOWE!

  2. Daniel Riccatelli says:

    Situations like this grip me and they dont let go.I feel terrible whenthings like this happen
    I feel helpless for the family.All of my uncles served in wwII. so did my dad.My father was with
    infintry and was a member of the 101rst.airborne div.He made it the whole distance,
    from nothern Afraca into Berlin itself.Ever single major battle of wwII he was there.
    Iam glad to say no one from my family had to suffer the scurge of being a pow…
    May God keep you and hold you solider Bowe and God bless your family.
    You all have one brave son…


  3. I just wrote a message to the President asking for his support in helping Bowe being released as a prisoner. I think even if we have to send some of our prisoners in Gitmo back in exchange, it is time we do that. You always hear that phrase, “No child left behind”? I feel the same about our soldiers as prisoners. It really is an American shame that he isn’t home. Who the hell can enjoy Memorial day with this hanging over our heads? Bring Bowe home!

  4. Gene Long says:

    My radio show opened in August. The show is on KVCE 1160AM every Saturday at 11am till noon. is the website to listen live anywhere in the world. In the third segment we talk about Bowe and ask all to help us help him. He and his family have suffered long enough. We have traded in the past and we have 150 prisoners in Cuba and should offer a swap. No man left behind is a military motto and we should follow it as is our tradition.
    Gene Long
    KVCE Dallas Ft Worth Business Authority

  5. Michael Bowman says:

    Sgt Bowe Bergdahl, I never realized that we share a common birthday. I am also a resident of Idaho, I live in Boise. I will commit our Sunday School class to be in prayer for you. Recently we hosted Gracia Burnham at our church. She taught us that you are in need of basic prayer. I pray you have adequate food, safe shelter, clothing and shoes. I will pray God’s peace over you. I will pray your captors don’t beat you. I also pray that God uplifts your mind and you never lose hope of freedom. Michael

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