SGT Bowe Bergdahl’s Facebook Page: All Bowe Supporters Invited!

You are cordially invited to become a member of Bowe’s Facebook page. There you can keep up on the latest information about Bowe and interact with other committed Bowe Supporters just like you.

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  1. aleesha riley says:

    I try to spread the word about bowe where ever I go I have a sticker with bowes picture in my back window of my car I have drove from Idaho to Texas I have attended memorial walks in new Mexico and Colorado I hiked to the top of station’s of the cross i have written letters to the white house and started prayer chains I will not stop until bowe comes home it all started when someone ask oh my god what if that was your grandson someday I will learn to post photos on Facebook and share my journey

  2. Jeni Wewer says:

    Where is his voice? We hear more about celebrities breaking up than one of our own being held as a POW. This is an outrage! Prayers work, but maybe GOD has already answered them by telling us to get off of our butts and take action!

    Make the calls, write the letters and don’t be still or quiet until this is resolved!

  3. BBMohr48 says:

    Read a post today from another Army Mom and just can’t believe this is happening and didn’t know anything about it. So upsetting. I’ve read updates and articles along with websites, Facebook pages and events and gathered as much information to spread the word. Our soldier needs to be released and reunited with his family & friends. Our government should be fighting to get SGT Bergdahl released immediately. Our thoughts and prayers are with Sgt Robert Bergdahl and family. I’ve shared links and websites for others to also share @proud parents of a Stryker Soldier (

  4. tony sperle says:

    Prayers are all well and good, however letters and calls to Congress and the Whitehouse are also very effective tools. We’re not too far from elections , Nov 4 2014. The Senate has 33 seats up for re-election, plus 3 special seats up for special election. The House of Representatives has all 435 members up for grabs. Find out who your people are and ask why they haven’t done anything on this man’s behalf. Get the word out. He is one of ours, and he has been gone way too long.

  5. David W. Loder says:

    I’ve realized today by seeing a page saved months ago, what the reason was. I read it entirely and became involved. The page contained the TIME article about 4 pages long. When I got finished, I wrote Senator John McCain being that he was a prisoner as well, and knows fully what it is like to be a POW. He is on the Senate Armed Forces Committee in Washington, and I’m a veteran as well.
    How many others will do the same as I did? The way things usually work from what I’ve been told, is that letters count by the amount received. I’m hoping many will write to whomever they choose on the links provided on the website so we can say we helped get Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl home and free from the Taliban’s grip.
    Please write…NOW !!
    PS I’m glad I could take part in a worthwhile way in a senseless war.

    • Ellie Bowers says:

      Personally I cant just Keep him in my mind and pray all the time with out doing something else that will let others know about his existence , I have post his info and pictures in my facebook for 7 days in a row , I got some great people doing the same and this have to get LAUD out there , my brother is in the Army, coul be my son or just a neighbour ,it doent matter ,He is a human been ,that needs our LOUD voice to make others HEAR HIm… I wont stop till I get some responses .here in Tampa news at least ….I wish for a miracle .
      ps .. sorry my spelling is horrible ,am learning English =)

  6. Ellie Bowers says:

    We need to send this to the media , NEWS ..I may know someone that can help … not sure but I will try .Is been to long, He has to come home soon.

  7. Cindy Kellar says:

    I just can’t believe that I didn’t know this.. This should be PRIME on the Media’s SPOTLIGHT!!

    • Paul Copsey says:

      Actually, I can’t either. Too many veteran’s organizations never heard of him. When I called the American Legion near his home town, I had to jog the responders memory. Then I was directed to a local diner and assured my number would be passed on. After 3 calls…..Nada.

      Inappropriate to make a fuss on the news and such. He’s a soldier. This happens. Have faith that “our” Army has not forgotten him.
      Our job is to keep in touch with our Congress and Senate and ensure they know we haven’t forgotten either.

      Have faith

  8. Paul Copsey says:

    Keep this man alive in your mind, in your heart. Do not lose faith in him. We are all he has to hang on to. Think about him often…pray.

  9. Elita says:

    Now that we are leaving Afghanistan by 2014 are things being stepped up to get this guy out?

  10. Rod says:

    After reading about Sgt Bowe…im very, very sadden that he is still not home. I can NOT imagine what goes thru his mind daily, other than will this be the day i can go home. This will be on my mind till he is home, and as of today, i will be praying for his safe return home and that God does this for him anf his family. Im overwhelmed with sorrow for this solider right now, and need some time to pray and collect myself. I’ve never met this guy, but it hurts my heart to know that he is still a POW . Im so very sorry for what his family is going thru daily amd his friends. Wish there was something we could do to bring him home TODAY, but till that time comes, he and his family and friends will be in my prayers from this moment on!!!!



  12. stevef35a says:

    Please Join us Dec 5th, 6pm cst and Call in our National Radio show “Bring Bowe Home for Christmas” Call 1-909-202-8714 press 1 to send Bowe, his family and the world know BOWE IS NOT FORGOTTEN.
    Dear President Obama, What if Bowe was your son? What if your daughter was a POW, What would YOU DO? Please call in our show and Let the WORLD KNOw, WE WANT BOWE BACK! Steve Tomaszewski , CEO & Founder The SOldiers family TV & Radio

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