Will You Sign the Online Petition for SGT Bowe Bergdahl?

Bowe Supporter Tommy Straight has started an online petition for SGT Bowe Bergdahl. The petition is designed to meet two goals. First, to raise awareness about Sergeant Bergdahl’s plight.  Second, and most important, to send the message to Washington D.C. that many Americans believe that it’s well past time to bring Sergeant Bergdahl home.  The petition is titled “President Obama: find and free SGT. BOWE BERGDAHL P.O.W. SINCE JUNE 30 2009 AFGHANISTAN”.  (Of course, the petition’s title might need to be altered slightly in November depending on the outcome of the national elections.)

The short-term goal for the petition is to get as many signatures as possible by September 21, 2012, which is National POW*MIA recognition day. The long-term goal is to reach at least 100,000 signatures.

You will find links to the petition, as well as a downloadable flyer and a brief tutorial on what to do when signing the petition, by following HERE.  There is also a Facebook page called “SGT Bowe Bergdahl’s Online Petition at change.org” that you can join to keep posted on the progress of the petition.

Please show your support for Sergeant Bergdahl by signing this petition and sharing it with others.  Please use it as an opportunity to speak out for him as he cannot speak for himself.

23 comments on “Will You Sign the Online Petition for SGT Bowe Bergdahl?

  1. Jennifer Tatum says:

    BRING HIM HOME! It is our governments responsibility to make sure he comes home… safe! There is no telling what that poor man is going through and everyday he is there is just that much worse. I pray that he never gives up hope and we bring him home very soon.

  2. Vic Stolle says:

    Hillory Please help this man!! !%%!%

  3. Vic Stolle says:

    Omg please lets do what it takes to get this boy I mean MAN home. He wasn’t hiking he was fighting for our country.

  4. We need to get the word out. I just found out about this today. My prayers are with Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and his family.

  5. Lew Bruno says:

    We will leave no man behind. We live it. Lew Bruno, US Army 1966 – 1977

    time to bring you home, brother.

  6. A. Wood says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family…please bring him home!!! From a Marine Mom.

  7. Brenda Capps says:

    Another Military Mother Giving her prayers for you Sgt Bowe ,Please know your work and Commitment to your Country is appreciated Thank you very much our prayers are with you and your Family .

  8. please let this young men go!! americans in every state want him!!! he has all of us praying for him!!! please bring him home , president obama please act on this!!NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Gloria N.Boyer says:

    Bring Him Home~NOW!!!!!! What are you people in Washington waiting on??!!! If you know where he is,go get him. If you don’t know where he is,FIND him and bring him home!!!!!!
    May God bless him,keep him safe,take care of him and let him know that He is with him. Bless his family,and give them comfort in knowing that He is with him always……..
    ~God Bless America!!~

  10. steph says:

    I would like to say whoever took this picture should of shot that guy and brought Bowe home. Prayers for him and his family.

  11. Kelli B. says:

    God Bless Bowe and his family and praying for a safe return very soon!

  12. Heidi Peck says:

    Please bring him home,one of my friends are in Afghanistan and I couldnt imagine him being a POW. Bowe is a hero and a USA soldier and I believe with every fiber of my being that it is the Governments job to make sure all Heroes and soldiers are brought home safe and sound to their familys!!! Thank you for your brave services and My prayers are with you SRGT!!!! Love Heidi Peck And All my Family, from Brandenburg, Ft.Knox KY!!

  13. Patty Bush says:

    Is there a plan in place to bring this soldier home?? WHAT is the hold up??!! Mr. President, we want answers TODAY!

  14. This is the First . I have heard of this and its a Disgrace we can pin point Bombs hunt down Obama bin Laden but do nothing to Recover one of our Own.

  15. Please get him home, if it was your son(US) he would be home already

  16. E Fleury says:

    Bring him Home ASAP

  17. I just found out about this also! I too, can’t believe that we haven’t heard about this! Much of it may be to keep him alive longer, because of our experience of prisoners who were kept and beheaded in the past. As soon as it hit the news and was well publicized, they would make their move to cruelly kill him like they did the others. This should have been a top priority, though a long time ago! If I were one of the Major Generals or Generals over there, I would be like Pattton was in WWII! There are so many more devices to spy on the enemy with than there ever was before. We should know exactly where he is, how he is being held captive, and how we could penetrate the strong hold they have him in, so we could get him out of there!!!! This should have been done long ago! However, we also had to focus on the soldiers that aren’t captive so that we don’t fall into a trap as well. With our Prayers, God will make it happen for him to be free and safe at home, at last.

  18. Jessica Sigafoose says:

    What are we waiting for!!?? This is horrible and needs to be dealt with asap. Time is of the essence. This man has a family who wants nothing more than to have him home again. He has served our country and its not right to just forget about him out to delay his case. There is a pressing need to free him and the government needs to be on top of it. Leave no man behind!

  19. Wanda Butler says:

    With all the power our governmeent has,he should be home now.Please make this a priority,this is inhumaine..Thankyou..

  20. I cannot believe I am just hearing about this, and is he the only one? My brother served in Iraq, and I know I would be out of my mind with worry, if this had been his fate. Please Sirs, make this a priority.

  21. diane says:

    Praying for him and family, may God Bless You All

  22. Loretta Gallagher says:

    We are praying for his return. The government needs to step up efforts. This is horrible, to leave one over there this long.

  23. K. R. Hill says:

    I hope Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl comes home to his family. My brother was deployed to Iraq & Afghanistan as well as other places I have no knowledge of because he was a member of Special Forces. Knowing the risk, our military enlist voluntarily, each with their own reasons. I personally am so very grateful for their decision to serve, whatever the motivation behind their decision. I can never find the words to illustrate what it’s like for their families while they are away at war. With constant & unwaivering support we wait. We wait with a knot in our guts for as long as it takes. While there are moments of brief distraction, the worry never ceases. I worried for my parents & the toll it took on them. I worried about my nephew & sister-in-law. I didn’t want them to be alone & I didn’t want my nephew growing up without his daddy. It’s a feeling of helplessness that we squash with all the faith & hope that we can muster, then we carry on with our daily routines. I’d go to work, do the grocery shopping, take the kids to practices & all the normal every day stuff. But the knot in my gut never left me until my brother was home. It was only when I saw his face that the enormous burden lifted. I felt like the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders. I felt like the luckiest sister in the world to have my baby brother return safe. I promise you, if it were your brother, dad, or son, you would trade anything to have them back. I hope Bowe Bergdahl’s family gets to feel that relief.

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