A Message to All Bowe Supporters: Recent events in Afghanistan heighten our sense of urgency to bring Bowe home

Dear Bowe Supporters,

We cannot tell you how important it is at this time to make those in America aware of the fact that Bowe is still being held as a prisoner of war. We have to reach out to bring more people into the circle of those who are fighting to bring Bowe home. The more people who are willing to demand of our government that Bowe’s release be a top level priority, the more pressure we can put on those who make the decisions that will lead to Bowe’s safe return. 
There are several current events that add even more to the need to act with urgency to rescue Bowe from his captors. Due to the recent Koran burinings. the mood in Afghanistan is not good. US ambassador Ryan Crocker said, “the situation is tense.” One observation further describes the situation “The anger of Afghans is evident, whether it be over the sense of religious insult or the sheer frustration with a war that has gone on too long and yielded too little.” What remains to be seen is how this situation will alter the strategic plans implemented or the tactics which will be used to achieve America’s goals in Afghanistan. According to a report in the New York times: “The United States now has what one senior American official said was ‘almost no margin of error’ in trying to achieve even limited goals in Afghanistan after a series of crises that have stirred resentment.” We know that anything that affects the mission in Afghanistan will also have an affect on America’s influence in Pakistan which will in turn affect efforts to prevail over the Haqqani network. Since the Haqqani network has been determined to be the group that is holding Bowe captive, the recent developments in Afghanistan are of even more concern to us who are working to make haste efforts to obtain Bowe’s release.
Of further concern, the AP and Washington Post reported that Ambassador Crocker sent a top-secret cable to Washington last month warning that the existence of “enemy havens” in Pakistan was placing the success of the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan in jeopardy. The report says the message was so secretive that it was sent through CIA channels rather than the usual ones in the State Department. 
The Washington Post says the contents of the cable could become “ammunition” for some senior military officials who favor more aggressive action by the U.S. against the Haqqani havens in Pakistan. The Post also goes on to say “the cable written by Ambassador Ryan C Crocker last month ‘amounted to an admission that years of US efforts to curtail insurgent activity in Pakistan by the lethal Haqqani network, a key Taliban ally, were failing.” 
Something that adds to the doubts that the Haqqani network is being deterred from pursuing its militant goals is a recent report that it has just has issued guidelines to its insurgents in a newly published book called the ‘Nizami Darsona’, which is comprised of more than 160 pages and written by unknown Abu Umar Asaltfi in Pashto language.
‘Nizami Darsona’ says that it aims at helping active members of the Taliban in organizing themselves so that they may effectively increase their activities against foreign forces active in war-torn Afghanistan.
The book, in its initial chapters, expands on the need of a holy war and its types through Quranic verses and through the prophet Mohammed’s sayings.
On a positve note, according to a statement issued by International Security Assistance Force, a Haqqani leader was captured by Afghan and coalition security forces during an operation on Monday at eastern Afghanistan. The statement further added, the operation was conducted in Nadir Shah Kot district, Khost province. The leader managed an insurgent network and directed operations against Afghan civilians and security forces in the district.
All of these events are inspring much debate on the internet on the various news information sites as well as in discussion forums. This gives us all an opprtunity to add to these discussions by posting comments that remind people that no matter what happens in Afghanistan, obtaining Bowe’s release must absolutely be a top level priority. Without a doubt, your comments will be read by people who don’t even know that Bowe is a prisoner of war.
Please join us today, BOWE TUESDAY, to remind America about Bowe. Please feature a picture of him on your Facebook profile. If you get through to even one more person who will actively stand up for Bowe, your effort would be more than worthwhile. Just 24 hours, that’s all we ask that you show Bowe’s image on your profile. That is just a drop of time compared to the 23,352 hours that he has been held captive. Twitter users, please fire out some tweets throughout the day to get Bowe’s name in the feed. #Bowe #Bergdahl #bowetuesday #POW #supportbowe. Some Bowe Supporters are starting a movement to contact their Members of Congress each Tuesday to remind them that it has been another week. 
We have to ramp up our efforts to bring Bowe’s story into the spotlight. Please be part of this, we need your voice, Bowe needs your voice. Thank You all.
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  1. Jill A. knight says:

    I will not let Bowe be forgotten

  2. Denny says:

    Every time I look at this picture I get tears in my eyes. Please show all support and lets get this man home. He is in my prayers.

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